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About Us

The Loving Piece Story

Every-one of us walking the face of this earth has a story.  I will try not to bring you to boredom with mine, but I feel it is important to know that we all have the capability to make things happen. You just have to decide if fear is your friend or foe. For years, I have wanted to own my own business. A retail shop, where a person can go and purchase items for themselves which would enhance the mind, body, and soul.

After traveling to Arizona, California, North and South Carolina, I knew exactly which path I wanted to take.  I wanted to be able to create a calm environment which would allow the customer to see and be able to purchase the many things available to open their mind and spirit, while doing good for Mother Earth. I truly went into this creation not knowing how to make it all happen, but with guidance, love and support from the people who have traveled this lifetime with me up to this point, it happened. I am beyond blessed and so ever grateful to each and everyone of you who have traveled into The Loving Piece and experienced this space first hand!  

Don’t ever dismiss your dreams. The universe has put them there for a reason, and it is better to try, then to wonder if!!! The Loving Piece is a true testament to having a dream, believing in what you do, and making it happen.

The Loving Piece has been a lifelong dream that has come to fruition!

-Nanci Hummer
Shop Owner, Creator, Intuitive Card Reader, and Reiki Practitioner

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