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Remove negative energy from the home or any space that needs spiritual or physical cleansing. The Loving Piece has authentic sage kits that are available for everyone from beginning spiritualists, to advanced medicinal healers. For hundreds of years the benefits of saging or smudging have been known to improve mood, boost energy, improve sleep, and reduce harmful bacteria in the air that can cause illness. Improve your space’s energy with this naturally, antimicrobial herb. It’s a great alternative to today’s harsh chemicals and it’s environmentally friendly.


Available online and in-store


Each kit will include:

9″ White Sage Bundle, 9″ Juniper Bundle, Sweet Grass Braid, Palo Santo, Copal Resin, Two Charcoal Tablets, Abalone Shell, Guide To Smudging Booklet, & Feather


All Purchases are Final, Non-Refundable and Non-Exchangeable.

Sage Kit

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