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Image by Sarah Brown
Crystals & Gemstones

Our store carries a large variety of many different types of healing crystals & gemstones. If we do not have it, we will find it for you.

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Crystals & Gemstones: H




The Hematite encourages and heightens self-confidence, willpower and enhances memory.




This Quartz provides balance, stability, energy and the removal of negativity while enhancing universal light and love.




A connector to energies from higher realms, the Hemimorphite improves psychic visions and abilities to inspire self-transformation.


Herkimer Diamond


Dealing with spiritual energies and clearing the Chakras it opens the Crown and Third Eye Chakras for clarity of intuition and intellect.


Himalayan Salt


Himalayan Salt is also known as ‘Pink Halite’ and is a form of (edible) crystal.

Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salt has very similar properties to Rose Quartz and is an excellent crystal for love especially self-love. It not only helps one to experience self-love, but also, to take action and do things that self-love implies, for example; finding sense of purpose, to live a healthier lifestyle, learning to say ‘no’, or to take time for personal recreation and enjoyment.




This stone will aid in releasing emotional attachments, while relieving anger and stress. It promotes patience and curbs procrastination, to achieve life’s ambitions.

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