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This has been quite the week! Yesterday, I was asked to do a podcast discussing The Loving Piece and my journey with it. I handed in my keys to the space that I have used for the last 2 years and today, I celebrate 8, yes 8, years of having my doors to The Loving Piece open! Not only a week, but a year, no I retract, 8 years! In looking up the spiritual meaning behind the number 8 I found this, the number 8 brings balance, abundance and self-reflection in your life. Can it be anymore perfect?!?!

I never in a million years thought that I would be celebrating year number 8. If you have heard my stories, I was excited to hit 6 months. So, when asked, what is the one thing that I have learned from being the space keeper of this magical space? My answer would be that nothing is predictable...ever. I had no idea how to run a brick and mortar, but knew that I was being called. So I did it after dragging my feet for 12 years. People and friendships that I believed would be in my life forever...haven't, and some that I thought didn't Unpredictable. A day that I anticipated being slow is busy and a day that I anticipate being busy, well sometimes is slow. Didn't see that coming. Being told that my business needed to be closed because of a pandemic?!?! Well, then, who knew? So many many many many blessings...all of which have been unpredictable.

The one thing tho that excites me everyday that I put my key in the door is the opportunity to have magical moments, and they exist on the daily! As a matter of fact, I experienced one recently, which is still extremely present in my mind and feel called to share. When I order books and cards for the shop, I never have a direction. I go through the catalog or site and order what is calling to me. Some authors or books I have heard of and some not. I never question, I just place the quantity and hit add to cart. Most recently, I did just that, and knew that I needed to order more books written by Thich Nhat Hanh. So I did. The order arrived quickly, checked in and placed on the shelf. Two days later, a young woman came into the shop, headed to the book shelf and after a few minutes walked up to the counter with book in hand. As she placed it on the counter, I couldn't get over how angelic she appeared. Have I seen her before? Not sure, but knew right away that she was powerful and truly had something to share. The book she placed on the counter was No Mud, No Lotus by Thich Nhat Hanh, Immediately, she asked me if I read it and my response was no. She looked me straight in the eyes and stated, "you need to". I was open to it and she said again, with making eye contact, "you need to read this book." I asked her if she had read it and she showed me the tattoo on her inner arm and it said, "No Mud, No Lotus." I responded with, "I will take that as a yes." I asked her if this book that she was purchasing was a gift and she stated that she recently moved and spilled oil on her prior copy and wanter to replace it because reading this book had led her to reading 25 or more books by this author. Our conversation went on, and I said that I knew I had ordered two books and wasn't sure if there was another copy still on the shelf and she stated, "oh there is". Needless to say, I began reading it as soon as she left. I am presently only two pages in, but WOW! It is about acknowledging and transforming suffering as opposed to running away from it. Being in touch with it is the true secret to happiness. Can't have a left without a right, nor can you have an up without a down. It is about the balance.

I have found over the years that the "new-age, metaphysical main-stream perspective" is to find true happiness but not allowing oneself to sit in the suffering. Run from the shadows instead of facing them head on. Sitting in the ick. Not taking up permanent residence, but allowing oneself to examine. Does anyone really want to suffer? I don't believe so, but when we find a way to acknowledge our suffering, it allows us to be present in our lives and enable happiness to present itself.

I am not only super excited to continue with this book (had one to finish first), as I believe there is so much more to be gained from it. Just like TLP! I am excited to continue with this journey as well! To continue to meet the beautiful souls that stop in and share their stories, their insight, their energy. I am not not going to profess the future plans for TLP as again, everything is so unpredictable, but I know for a fact that as long as the Greater Spirit decides that the doors will be open and you beautiful people will be entering in, we will be there for you to do so! I couldn't be TLP without you all and I thank you for an amazing 8 years thus far and here is to the next however many years! An thank you to the young woman with the No Mud, No Lotus tattoo and the message from above...Blessings to you all!


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