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4 Years & Counting

July 25, 2019

Today marks 4 years that The Loving Piece opened it’s doors! I am in total awe, of the many stories that this magical place has created and continues to do so. As I have said before, my goal when I first opened was to be in business for a minimum of 6 months. If I do the math…I have been in business for a total of 48 months!!! Like DAMN-who knew?!?! Well, I am going to have to say, the universe did!

I feel so extremely blessed and most importantly humbled, by the people I have met, the friendships that I have made, the situations that have been entrusted to me, the tears, the laughter, the heartache, the kindness and most importantly…the growth. I have seen so many people come in with sadness in their eyes and a heaviness on their heart. Time passes, and those same people still come in, but it is now with a sparkle in their eye and an amazing openness of their heart! I just want to make something clear tho, before I type any further and that is this, I do not take credit for their growth, I give those individuals full credit for doing the work. Digging deep within their being and removing the shit that has been holding them down. Really, truly doing all of the hard stuff, not giving up and coming out of the other side like a true soldier!

The Loving Piece, has truly kept up it’s end of the bargain, by being that place for many, many individuals who wanted and still want to change their lives and most importantly have done it! As I go back and reread what I have typed so far, I can’t help (with tears in MY eyes) realize that the most growth that I have witnessed has been within myself. As the shop has evolved over the past four years, I have evolved and as I have evolved, the shop has evolved, BUT not without the help, support and love of all of you!!!

I will continue to keep the doors of this little shop with the great big heart on 7 N Third Street open. As long as there are all of YOU out there, who want to continue to heal, to grow, to learn and to be the best possible you that you can! I want to thank each and everyone of you for the gifts that you have bestowed on me. You will never know to what capacity each and everyone of you mean to me! Much love to everyone of you and most importantly to the universe for trusting me with the creation of The Loving Piece! Here is to the next 4 plus years and to all of you!!!


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