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Five Years Later

July 26, 2020 and I am celebrating the 5-year anniversary of The Loving Piece. I have thought about blogging many times today about this personal milestone and finally I ended up here. I could never have anticipated what would have transpired five years ago when I did my first sale as the owner/proprietor of this amazing space both personally and spiritually, but here we are! I quite often refer to The Loving Piece as a we. I am The Loving Piece and The Loving Piece is me, and the reason that I say that, is because both have evolved many times, grown beyond belief and manifested even more than I could have ever imagined. As many of you have heard me say it, my ultimate goal was 6 months. WOW…has the universe been more than kind or what?

There has personally been a lot of growing pains with this journey. Evolving with the products that are being sold, taking the time to do the healing that is needed, watching many people come and grow within these four walls, and most importantly, learning to trust in the process, which leads me to this.

March 15th, The Loving Piece closed it’s doors due to the situation that was presented nationwide. I closed my doors and anticipated reopening by the end of the month as many other local businesses did as well. As we know, that date came and went and on June 10th, The Loving Piece reopened its’ doors. On the eve of that date, I laid awake most of the night anticipating what the new normal was going to be like. Were people going to come into the shop, were the wants and needs the same as they had been prior to, was I going to be able to continue with this business status quo? Just a few of the questions that were whirling within my brain as I was getting ready to open the doors once again.

Obviously, I reopened the doors, and what has transpired was over the top unexpected. I have witnessed so many new people walking threw the doors, as well as, many familiar faces looking for a change. I truly believe that the awakening is happening and I am so thankful to be a part of it. Many times I stand behind the counter and I am privy to many conversations that normally end with, “I have never shared that with anyone”. What many of you don’t know, is as you share those stories with me, not only am I thankful to be a listener to them, but mostly, as they are healing you, they are healing me as well. I never in a million years, would have anticipated the things that have transpired at 7 N. Third Street. Normal isn’t a word that exists there as a day may consist of someone singing me a song that they wrote as they play a guitar and an hour later someone is sharing with me that a story I shared with them 3 years ago helped them step out of their comfort zone and follow their dreams.

As I am typing this, there are tears streaming down my cheeks, because five years ago, there was a woman who had a dream, who wanted to open up a shop and sell incense. Never in a million years, did I think that I would have grown the way that I have, learned the things that I did, trusted myself in ways that I never knew possible, and been so lucky as to watch people heal the way that they have. I am thankful for each and everyone of you and words will never express how humbled I am to know that by following my dreams, I have been entrusted with so many beautiful stories by so many beautiful souls.

Thank you all for walking into The Loving Piece, whether it was planned or the universe guided you there. I am grateful for each and everyone of you and as long as the universe allows, I will be there to help you all share in the experience of your journey, and excited to see you all heal and grow. The Loving Piece is a true testament that dreams really do come true provided you believe! My cup truly runneth over and I am so excited to see where the next five years will take each and everyone of us….so much love to you all.


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