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The Lighter You Go

January 12, 2020

Spent time with a friend last night and we found ourselves submerged in a spiritual conversation regarding healing. One of the topics that seems to be coming up for everyone as of late is there is no timeline for someone’s healing nor is there a right or wrong way for someone to heal.

Ultmately, everyone’s journey is just that…THEIR journey and the way that they decide to travel on it is their decision. The one pattern that many are beginning to see is that the lighter you go…the darker they come. I will repeat that again, the lighter you go…the darker they come. The definition of that may be different for everyone, but, as you heal you are changing your vibration, releasing things that no longer serve you and deprogramming the prior thought process. As you begin to change your vibration, the universe seems to have a way of testing. Sometimes you can hear it say, “Oh you have this lesson down to a science…Let’s see!” The lessons begin to come fiercer and faster, some seeming harder than the last one, but the one common thread seems to be that as you heal, as you shine brighter, the darkness is darker, but shorter as we learn how to move through it quicker than the time before because of what we have learned.

Embrace the suffering that helps us heal, the darkness that tests us, the trials that we weren’t expecting. If amidst all of it, you are able to take one moment and know, believe in your heart, and feel in your bones that it is only temporary and it is going to help you shine brighter than the moment before then rejoice in the healing process that we call life!


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